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Crannog Ales

Brian and Rebecca pose in front of their organic microbrewery at Crannóg Ales on their ten-acre Left Fields Farm near Sorrento in British Columbia. All of the ales brewed here reflect the Irish tradition of brewing full-flavoured, complex ales.


Crannóg Ales is a microbrewery, the first on-farm, certified organic microbrewery in Canada. We have been in business since 2000. Because we produce alcohol, we deal with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, which has many complex layers of paperwork to be maintained.

Why Salmon Arm Bookkeeping & Business Services?

I have recommended Salmon Arm Bookkeeping Services to several people, both within the liquor industry and to other local businesses. They are meticulous, fast, accurate and thoughtful. From data entry to analysis, we have received accurate, helpful and insightful service. Kim's ability to rationalize systems for efficiency and ease of use is invaluable.

We rely on Salmon Arm Bookkeeping Services to provide us with accurate and timely data entry and reporting. Their work makes it possible for us to do our jobs!

— Rebecca, Crannóg Ales

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