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A photograph of Sally Scales taken in front of a subdivision she's been working on.



I had been looking for a bookkeeper for my two companies in 2008, and considered choosing a home-based person because that's all there was at the time. One day I saw that Salmon Arm Bookkeeping Service had a business on Hudson Avenue, so I went in and met Kim, the owner.

I moved my files from the chartered account's office (where Kim used to work) to Kim's office and found her fee to be substantially lower. Because my accounting is complicated, at my request, Kim delivered material to the chartered account at every year-end.

She and her staff were always friendly and the service they provided was first-class. A few years later I moved my personal bookkeeping to Kim. She was always available by phone or email if I had a question, and she taught me how to bring income and expense records to her office with the bank statements every month.

I highly recommend Salmon Arm Bookkeeping.

— Sally Scales

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