Salmon Arm Bookkeeping and Business Services  

Kim Wiens

Our staff

When you call or stop by our office you will be greeted by Nyla, our receptionist. She is friendly, polite and professional. Nyla plays a huge role in keeping our office very organized.

Pam has been with Salmon Arm Bookkeeping since its start-up date, June 1, 2007. She acts as the Office Manager when Kim is not in. She meets with potential new clients to discuss their specific bookkeeping needs as well as provides bookkeeping services to her assigned clients. Pam has had plenty of training and experience in different aspects with a variety of businesses.

Kim, the owner-operator of Calculated Office Services Ltd., which is the parent company to Salmon Arm Bookkeeping & Business Services, plays a hands-on role in the office. It is her dedication and expertise that is the foundation on which the company draws it's strength.

Believe it! High expectations are the key to everything.
— Sam Walton