Dependable Business BookkeepingServices

You, as a business owner, know your business better than anyone else. You have a vision. You know where you want to be in five years, or ten years. But do you know how to get there?

Often when a new client comes to us they don’t really know what they want us to do for them. They know that they need to file GST returns; they know they need to do payroll and pay source deductions. And they know they need to do tax returns at year end.

How they are going to do that, and what information is required from them — most clients don’t know, or sometimes they just don’t want to be bothered doing this type of work. Their passion and their expertise is in their own business. That’s where using a bookkeeper can be a real asset!

Why use a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper can help provide you, the business owner, with some very important information about your business. Other than just entering information for the purpose of preparing tax returns, a good bookkeeper can keep you informed of the higher or less profitable maths of your business and show you exactly where your money is being spent. While having money in the bank account is a good thing, it’s not the only information you need to run a successful and sustainable business.

Payroll Services

Do you have employees? Or, are you a small business owner who hesitates to hire employees because you don’t want to learn about and deal with source deductions? We can help.

When you, the client, submits your employees’ payroll hours to us, we prepare a paystub, email, fax or phone you with the amounts, or even write the cheques for you. All you have to do is sign them. Paycheques can be picked up in our office by your employees or yourself, or mailed out. We also offer a direct deposit service (a third party service that has fees associated with it).

We prepare your Source Deductions Remittance forms and even deliver your payment to the bank for you.

Payables and Receivables

Do you ever get so busy that it’s hard to find the time to pay your bills, or invoice your clients for the work you do? We offer that service; we can do that for you.

Sales invoicing

Information can be submitted to us either by email or phone. We can prepare the invoice for you or, through an online invoicing program you prepare your own professional looking invoice for your customer. 

Canada Revenue

In every transaction that your business makes, whether you are paying bills, paying your employees or invoicing your clients, CRA remittances are a fact of life and sooner or later correspondence with government official is inevitable. We can deal with them for you.

A lot of our clients really like that feature, that we deal with them on your behalf.

We will ensure that you get your GST, PST, Source Deductions and WCB source remittances in on time.

Feel free to stop by or give us a call with any questions you have about what Salmon Arm Bookkeeping can do for you.